I started working with energy in the early 70s. There are many modalities which fall in this category. I work with the Chakra & the Meridian Systems and within the Auric Field. Bio Field Tuning and Reiki may be the most familiar modalities that I utilize. The various modalities become combined and blend into unique treatments for virtually every session. I also use the Chinese 5 Element Theory while using Crystal Light Balancing and Chromotherapy (Colour Healing)

I can help you develop a stronger relationship with  and recognition of your own energies. You can learn to better use your own energetic flow to help heal yourself. Together we can explore your experience and find techniques that will help you to help yourself. This is the desire of my heart, individual self sufficiency.

I have been using Aromatherapy in combination with energy work for the last 10 years. My methodology involves nasal inhalers. I have several premade blends of which one is chosen. The intent is to induce a state of relaxation so that the mind and body become more receptive to the treatment which is to take place. You will leave with a nasal inhaler at the end of the session. There is a powerful connection between smell and memory. The aroma helps you recall the feelings and experiences of the session which is particularly useful when dealing with issues such as anxiety and depression. One of the great beauties of the nasal inhaler is that it is small and can be used in an unobtrusive manner. They are particularly effective in a work environment where a diffuser may not be appropriate. They are also great since 15 drops of essential oils can last 6 months or longer.

The sound table is the foundation of the combined treatment. There are a variety of songs to choose from. We will discuss your requirements and together come up with a plan. The sound table is a massage table which has 2 bass transducers mounted underneath. Transducers are different than speakers. They create vibration. The songs all have deep bass that is meant to be used with a sound table. This becomes a total body experience as low range ( 50hz to 150 hz ) works with your body. This is the opposite frequency spectrum to ultra sound, but the principles are the same. 

We can cover a wide range of needs from Flow, Surrender, Acceptance, Anxiety and Depression to name a few.  To See the full list of songs Click Here

I have a sound pillow that has two transducers in it which delivers pure tone directly to the body and it can be used at the same time as the sound table. The frequencies range from Arthritis to the Respiratory System. To see the whole range I often use a Sacred Geometry Deck to help find a starting place with a client. The initial stages of consultation require getting to know each other to determine the best combination of modalities. It may start out as a conversation builder but often turns into much more.  A relationship is created and a healing path is created.

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