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Based on research in the field of Sound Therapy there are several key components of sound that may help with Depression:
1. High frequencies activate our entire system.
2. Constantly changing sounds activate the brain.
3. A full range of frequencies and frequency sweeps help bring someone out of a particular stuck frequency or mood.
4. Binaural beat frequencies in Alpha activate the brain.

All of these components are incorporated into this song along with a powerful intention for the relief of Depression. This intention was held consistently during the recording and mixing of the song. The song also has a very “still” and heart warming cello track in order to bring a sense of peace and stillness within the storm of life that we often encounter.

20:00 minutes



This most effective piece of music for connecting to spirit and creating a deep sense of peace within. This is a very magical piece that has proven to have unusually powerful emotional healing effects. Also good for pain (extremely low bass).  Tuned to the tempo of a meditative breath.

20:54 minutes

Calm Sleep


This CD will take you out… in the sweetest way. Many Sleep CD’s put you to sleep by wearing you out with sounds and music that aren’t that soothing to listen to — resulting in sleep that is not that peaceful or deep. This music harmoniously lulls you into a deep state of peace even before you go to sleep. Binaural Beats at two levels of Delta entrain your brain into a deep state of sleep and meditation. With headphones you get the extra benefit of having your left and right brain synchronized. This CD is also really effective for anxiety relief.

1:00:34 minute

Chakra Journey for Sound Table


This CD is a journey through the energy of each Chakra.  We held the intention of balancing each Chakra for the listener as we go through each.

The CD covers the full range of frequencies using 7 octaves. Scientific research from Nutri-Energetics Systems on the Quantum Morphogenetic Fields of Chakras, points to Bb as the most harmonious key to use.

The CD includes binaural beats that move from Theta to Delta to bring the listener to a deep state of peace by the end of the CD.

30:22 minutes

Meditation (Enlightenment)

This is one our most powerful CD’s. It combines the sound of monks peacefully meditating, with the sound of extremely heartfelt strings and vocal toning. It has a sweet beautiful flow that takes you from the heart into deep meditation. The Binaural Beats start in Alpha, transition to Theta, Delta, and then to Deep meditation Sub-Delta.

30:01 minutes


Pachelbel Canon


This CD is very heart opening.   It is especially good for clearing stuck emotions, and deep relaxation. Pachelbel makes more people cry than any song in the world (It is by far the #1 song used in weddings). It is sad and uplifting at the same time.

I can have this on repeat for days. It just opens my heart so much. When listening with complete attention it takes you really deep into the heart of love.


Musicans: Daniel Kobialka (San Francisco Symphony) – Violins; David Gibson – Keys

√ Relaxation    √ Pain Relief       √ Sleep     √ Connection to Spirit

30:57 minutes


Root Soul Frequency


A very peaceful piece with a nice amount of activating high frequencies.   It includes sounds in 7 octaves to help clear a space. This CD is really good for anything emotional you might have going on. The CD is tuned to the  tempo of an extremely slow and meditative breath.  It has the most peaceful ending you could imagine — leaving you in a profound state of peace.


√ Centering   √ Relaxation   √ Pain Relief  √ Activation


Silvina and the Angels 


Silvina’s voice is totally inspiring bringing in waves of love. As Silvina sings, pictures of children from around the world began to appear to her and she felt her heart opening in response to their joyful presence. She surrendered to their loving presence and in doing so allowed herself to become a one-woman choir. With full attention it is spiritually profound and very powerful.


√ Activation   √ Connection to Spirit

28:10 minutes


Surrender and Healing ( in 3 parts )


Silvina takes you into a healing sanctuary where you enjoy deep relaxation and activation creating a meditative state of consciousness. All songs are channeled while singing with a crystal bowl.


Comments – The Surrender compilation is akin to a choir of angels accompanying our journey. It is deeply peaceful and healing. It specifically helped me to connect with my ancestors, my grandmother and her teachings. Surrender quiets the mind and opens the heart for deep trance and relaxation. Intense but simply beautiful. – Katja 2011 (Australia/Tasmania)


√ Meditation  √ Relaxation  √ Connection to Spirit


Heart Opening  18:43 minutes

Connection        19:50 minutes

Surrender            19:43 minutes 



This CD is designed to take you through deep transformation with whatever issue you are dealing with — then bring you back to your center where you are grounded, centered and perfectly present.   This CD is also good for recovering lost sleep, or to aid with sleep. It is intense as background music. With full attention it can take you into very deep states of transformation.


√ Centering   √ Relaxation   √ Meditation   √ Sleep

56:49 minutes

Unconditional Divine Love

This CD was created while holding the intention of Unconditional Love during the recording, mixing and mastering. It also has the archetypal healing field of Universal Love embedded in it. It incorporates binaural beats in Delta and Deep Delta for the deepest relaxation and for sleep. It is meditative, relaxing, and instills a deep sense of peace inside. This song has been extremely successful in aiding with the onset of anxiety attacks. It has also been helpful with tremors in our Parkinson's patients.

30:57 minutes

Water of Life

The intention of this songs is to bring Unconditional Love into your heart.  This song taps into core aspects of beauty and soaring power within us all. Water of Life is Divine Love.

Going to the outer limits of space gives you a unique perspective on your current reality when you return. It also makes you realize that since all reality is an illusion, you are free to create whatever reality you like.  This song provides a full perspective on a wide range of realms. Expand your creativity, expand your consciousness.

The song utilizes binaural beats in Theta that transition into Delta. The song slowly builds to a peak and takes you out 3 times.  Something unusually profound happens in the last few minutes… then the song ends with the most peaceful peak you could imagine.

With full attention it is an epic journey through Love, Power and Grace. It is my favorite CD for the sound table. I listen almost every day as it completely clears out anything emotional that is going on.

20:00 minutes

Weight Loss – Loving Yourself


The entire CD is tuned to the frequency of Lemon Juice, which is used in the “Master Cleanse” diet. We used a very sophisticated company to find the frequency. We have also embedded binaural beat frequencies that trigger the release of seratonin in the hypothalamus gland, which is the key gland that tells you when you are hungry. When seratonin is released we are no longer hungry.

The CD includes activating frequencies to get your metabolism humming. We then bring you into a very peaceful state in order to resolve any emotional issues. When at peace we are satisfied. We also set our intention that this CD may allow you to love yourself more. We held that intention consistently throughout the Recording and Mixing (Even people who don't want to lose weight love this CD).

19:31 minutes



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